Adventure?  Well..there’s plenty of adventure here.  This website started in 2008 after one person decided to leave the 9-5 career when diagnosed with cancer, and live a more fulfilled, purposed life.  Over the years, the creative outlet has led to an interesting perspective, found by various walks of life around the world.  Seen by over 120 million households a decade ago, it was then welcomed by many on a live journalistic platform with NBC and Fox affiliates.  

As with any true adventurous ways, the questions one seeks often lead to a comedy of trial and error.  While the experiences grow, the results are still authentic and within.  Maintaining positive footprints has always been the goal and staying in one’s spiritual light seems to be the way.  

Thank you for stopping by, all positive vibes here, please don’t be shy and reach out to say hi.

Hopefully, you can be inspired, motivate others, or just live vicariously along the continued path. (Armchair Travelers Too!)   

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