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FIXING ATTENTION DEFICIT WITH ADVENTURE, when the 30-year-old man left the states, for the first time.  Finding his natural fix thru ‘wilderness therapy’, Aaron now focuses on keeping the sight, by advocating it all.  Traveling around the world, for 6 full-time years, he went thru over 80 countries.  Checking off his own bucket-list adventures, led him to help others do the same.  Launching expeditions that advocate causes, he went around the world for 50 days without a bag, paddle a canoe for 233 days from Montana to Florida, and more.  He is currently preparing for his next adventure that advocates adventure.  Incorporating self-reliance, overcoming the fear of our great Oceans, and finding one‘ Super Powers’, will be an effort to connect our world during these ever-changing times. 

 Join us on on the next adventure here!  

Watch Aaron’s last expedition documentary here;  Finding The Current.

CAPITALIZING ON CREATIVITY, is the name of the game for many unique minds.  Aaron was raised under the precautions of a learning disability, creating a learning curve, not even Babe Ruth could call.  Staying true to Aaron’s strengths meant understanding naturopathic remedies.  Validating his uncovered creativity, it was also a cure for the so-called ‘learning disability’.  Results enabled him to communicate and offer his shared empathy for humanity.  He produced the visual content on television.  The results then aired to over 120 million homes around the world, as only he created, produced, and presented.  Airing on networks like Food TV, MavTV, and more, Aaron offers licensing on them all.  Having now been validated by multiple media platforms, Aaron is full throttle focused on the new digital streaming platforms.  He is currently creating more content while offering to consult with others,  as he once initially attempted.  If you have a business, brand, or personality that needs help, simply reach out.   

Watch an episode here; Catch and Cook! With Adventure Aaron 

PERSPECTIVE AS A JOURNALIST, Aaron graduated in Communications, from The Catholic University of America.  Ten years later, Aaron found his way on television after giving up a 9-5 career in sales and advertising, with one of the Top 5 firms, in New York City.  Implementing his self-described ‘wake up’ call from Cancer, in 2008 he filmed his first documentary.  The shaky, low resolution, no budget, handheld attempt, was an honest effort to achieve the Tim Ferriss best-selling book, the 4-hour workweek.  The case study documentary was later featured by Tim after Aaron achieved the model in 60 days, and now comes full circle.  Aaron recently worked as the morning live reporter for NBC and Fox affiliates.  He is currently offering factual, freelance reporting, in all sectors of the world.   

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