Wed. Jun 16th, 2021



Adventure?  Well, there’s plenty of it here.  This website started in 2008 after the decision was made to leave the 9-5 career when diagnosed with cancer, and live a more fulfilled, purposed life.  For more than a decade, the creative quest has led to a unique perspective, sought by various walks of life around the world.  Airing to over 120 million households’ homes starting in 2010, it was then welcomed professionally on a journalistic platform with NBC and Fox affiliates.  Now, the digital era allows it to continue around the world to just about anyone.  Staying true to the unique perspective, it comes full circle right back here.    

As with any true adventurous ways, the questions one asks often lead to answers that come with a comedy of trial and error.  While the healthy experiences continue to grow, the results remain authentic and within.  

Going back to the roots in 2008, the adventure continues with unconventional travel, seeking unforgettable memories.  Like a little rowboat named ‘Smiles’, being rowed around the great Oceans.  Maintaining a positive footprint has always been the goal and staying in one’s spiritual light seems to be the way.