Now known as an adventurer, author, traveller, blogger, foodie, and television personality, in 2008 Aaron Carotta had a great awakening, giving new perspective for him to live an action packed life.  He since ’travel hacked’ his way through 60 countries, sampling and demonstrating some of the world’s most amazing foods.  He continued to knock of a few bucket list adventures while overcoming his dealings with cancer.  All of which has now allowed him to give back to others facing similar challenges.  It has been a fantastic journey and Aaron invites you to join him on his adventures within.

How to use this site-At the top right of this page you will find the latest videos, simply shuffle through the playlist, by clicking the right arrow in the video box.

A-Blog:  A dedicated page to Aaron’s current adventures in life.  Going into his fourth year full time on the road, Aaron talks directly to you, about his adventures.  A useful reference for your own adventures with, or without the armchair!

B-Television:  The new chapter in life for Aaron, after cancer.  Here you will be up to date on the latest tv airing as Aaron has successfully created concepts and awareness for the world, with a unique perspective in 3 different series.  Becoming a first time Director, Producer, and Host, he overcame the tough odds and found his calling.  In just 2 years, the 3 different series and 50 plus episodes have aired to an estimate audience of 120 million.  He continues to film world wide and you can find all of this information on this page.  

C-Speaking:  Over 60 countries and counting, there is something to talk about.  Currently, Aaron is speaking on 4 different topics, with first hand experiences to motivate, inspire, and learn from.  Full details on each talk can be found on this page.

D-Media:  The proof is in the pudding and the message is clear.  From mental expeditions attempting world records, to helping others, the press was there and this page is where you can find out more.

E-Product:  The latest way to get a copy of Aaron’s work.  The most recent books and dvd’s shipped worldwide, can be the gift with a personal touch from Aaron.  The best part is, some of it benefits a few cancer organizations.  

F-Bio:  The cliff note version of the story.  Who Aaron is and how he became ‘Adventure Aaron’

G-Contact:  General contact info for all future work, media information, or just a way to reach out.  

 Now sit back, grab your drink of choice, and open your mind.  

Your adventures begin now….