Buckle that seatbelt and hang on as I attempt my healthy way of social accountability while going all-in on this massive expedition. My mental game in regards to long term expeditions, consist of these two players; self-awareness and accountability. Factual and public about the adventurous life, mistakes and all. Wired to ask questions, took me the last four years to get solid, happy, and adaptive. After all 233 days with mother nature in a canoe, will leave one seeing and hearing things on a different frequency, many call crazy. Seeking only to understand and incorporate everyday balance, left it hard to communicate, a few close calls, and manmade rabbit holes. Like Dundee walking in NYC. More so, feeling like I kicked the ‘bucket wish’ causing more hate than love. Never my intentions, I started reflecting on the past resolutions, confirming the future one. ‘Simple man’, simple ways. Like rowing a boat, any boat, adventure in mind. Why medicate one’s potential strength. The levels gained with a few heightened naturopathic senses is a strength in life. One that if others can incorporate, allows a sustains life longer than any of my expeditions. But like any vulnerable restart, it does need proper steps when introducing one back into the sea. Life’s everyday currents aren’t as easy to find as the adventure river. The ocean ones, consist of many more variables sometimes even unpredictable. The beauty was found with professionals in the adventure of Ocean Rowing. Like Chris Martin @newwaveocean. Similar to the new developments with a mental therapist, now one can find a professional to properly introduce root compounds, finally FDA approved. While I don’t wish my previous battle on anyone, I wish you all the grace from it. Hard to describe, harder to sum up, but freeing to table the understandings. Ironically circling back to an old tribe of mentors like TIM FERRISS now including RAM DASS and JOE ROGAN.  It’s that post-expedition, current. Better yet the only way I can sum up and answer the ‘Why’, I am committed to this expedition. Giving my fear of Oceans a run for its money, seasickness, and all, I can’t wait. Another chance at resilience, with a global higher perspective, from sea level. The quest for beauty and spiritual connections as if joined by Buddha, fasting on mushrooms at the last supper. Strong, happy, modern. For those seeking more details on everyday balance incorporating the above, more details here;  Now, that’s the reason. It’s time to test it all out and get the adventure started. To anyone still reading.  Please enjoy my best attempt to make up for my poor writing, with the below video. A second-half dedicated with tributes to all and then some, I appreciated in the last decade.

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