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‘Tarzan the Musical’ opens this week at Forest Roberts Theatre

By Aaron Carotta
Published: Apr. 11, 2018 at 5:29 PM UTC
Tarzan the Musical is set to open Thursday at the Forest Roberts Theatre in Marquette.

“Will someone tell me where I belong?”

In a world full of many countries and animals, it’s a fair question. Where is one from? And what are ones roots, also known as creative ingenuity.

Can someone tell me where I am going wrong?

“It’s always been one of my favorite stories, just the idea of some infant growing up with gorillas becoming king of the jungle,” said Jacob Laitinen who plays Professor Porter.

King of the African Jungle for the Adventure, named Tarzan. And why wouldn’t he want to learn this in fact true story, of swinging from the vines, done by trial and error.

“Tarzan is a human who grows up with gorillas and Tarzan and Jane meet and fall in love,” saod Emily Burbery who plays Jane.

But this isn’t the only initiative Yoopers are falling in love with.

“At the Forrest Roberts Theatre it’s our Autism Theatre Initiative or Theatre For All as we are calling it. A sensory friendly performance for anybody that has issues with loud noises or strobe lights as some of the examples,” said Bill Digneit, Director of the Forest Roberts Theatre. “The deaf community is excited to come see the musical. They can actually see signing at our show as well. All the tickets for our special Sunday, April 15th at 2 p.m. matinee are free.”

Free now because perhaps a story about ones quest to remember how they were raised, touches those to be generous, even today at the Forest Roberts Theatre, simply because…there is no other way.

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