*Update*. This page will update on a regular basis regarding the ‘SEE LEVEL’ Expedition.  Please scroll down for the latest updates as we continue to document the journey we look forward to sharing with you all.

The next adventure is here and we are inviting you to join us in more ways than one!  No prior experience required.  Aaron has always shared a light into the reality of the reality, including his own personal life.  He believes in the importance of connecting humans, by sharing actual experiences, in a visual way.  It’s all part of his greatest expedition thus far and now you can be part of it in these ways.

1-  Register with email to digitally stream Aaron from the seas, tuning In Live!  No longer having to listen to others tell the story, watch and learn from the actual expedition.

2-  Zoom-like a classroom with Aaron.  Engage your audience with a point of view, many only hear about.  Complete with an educational curriculum, perfect for the Science and History scholars.  In addition, learning the importance of the Oceans, with weekly ‘adventure’ sessions and more.

3-  Going overboard?!  Jump in the boat, with Aaron, for a segment of the expedition, on the ride of a lifetime!

4-  Put your gear, cause, and product to the ultimate reach, by getting it in front of the global multi-million viewers, with Aaron as the ambassador.  Reach our team directly ASAP about opportunities.  Producers and production houses, welcomed.  

On June 30th, 2016, Aaron embarked on the adventure of a lifetime as written up in Men’s Journal seen here.  Again, no prior experience required.  If you want to change your life, get a new perspective, see your super power, here is a great example.

mens journal adventure Aaron Carotta

Soundcloud Interview with Paul Harris

5 years later, he is embarking on the ultimate human powered adventure.  Aaron will be rowing by sea only, around the world.  No sail, no motor, no land transfers.   It’s about the world, not just one human.  We can unite the world, one human power adventure, at a time. 

Please stay tuned for full details coming next, including the team behind this.  It’s deeper than the beautiful sea, we will advocate for.  If you are a production team, streaming platform, agent, or publicity, the hatch is still open.  Reach us directly at; adventureaaaron @ proton mail dot com or globally at 478-227-6882.

The world is your oyster, there’s plenty in the sea to go around.  We hope this shows it.

Watch the full documentary of Aaron’s last quest regarding, ‘The longest solo journey in a canoe or kayak’ according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

What is it like to try and row across an Ocean? Here is one point of view, featured on the Discovery Network, with my new team member, Chris Martin. Summed up by his rowing partner here, Mick Dawson, “It’s like having the best tickets to the best show in town”. While I am solo and mostly unsupported, Chris and others will be acting as mission control from land. Your tribe is just as important as your mission. Enjoy!

Last but not least, if you would like to support ‘SEE level’, we are offering a limited amount of the homemade items, featured, below.  Your contribution will be confirmed with our shipment and gesture of appreciate to any location of choice.

You can watch the backstory here;

****Update Jan 1st, 2K21****

Thank you for the overwhelming response!  We are no longer shipping items out.  We are out of supply, but if you received a confirmation from us and have not received it, please know it is still on its way.  Happy New Year!

****Update Jan 9th, 2k21****

When evaluating Adventure, there comes a time and place for everyone.  For me, seeking beauty is the goal.  This comes in a natural way for me, seeing from a perspective, only an adventure can find.  I believe my last  10 years of adventuring around, leads me to this one.  Here is the Raw, Zoom meeting, with Ocean Rowing Society president, Chris Martin.

The Boat


The quest for the vessel started in August of 2020 and with the help from Chris Martin, a few were sourced.  With the help from the Vancouver Maritime Museum, Aaron was granted use of the R20, 2013 Rannoch Boat.  23 feet in length she was donated to the Museum from the previous owners who were unable to complete a Pacific Ocean crossing.  While some feel a perfect fit would be a new vessel, this journey is about embracing imperfections, rather than fighting for the perfect ones.  A match of two experienced elements.  Seasoned enough to offer support when needed, while running the course, each are built for.  


The Swag


Support for this expedition is done in more ways than one. You can find ways to do that in the near future and we look forward to rolling out the newest line, coming soon.  For general support on the entire expedition, your kind efforts can be given here,    

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