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Welcome to the official page, for the ‘SEE LEVEL’ expedition.  A humble, human powered effort, to stay in the positive current of life, while maintaining a balance, others can see too.  As with previous adventures incorporating unconventional travel, the unforgettable memories this adventure holds, will be world class.  A quest to row an Ocean Rowing boat around the world. 

-The Backstory 

On June 30th, 2016, Aaron embarked on the adventure of a lifetime as written up in Men’s Journal seen below.  With no prior experience in a canoe, made a choice to jump in and paddle it for over 233 days and 5,000 miles.  On a quest to ‘Find the Current’, he completed the journey on Feb 19th, 2017.  Breaking the longest solo journey in a Canoe / Kayak according to Guinness, Aaron didn’t take it.  5 years later, Aaron is in a different boat, this time taking an Ocean rowing vessel, around the world.  The never been done before, uncharted route, will be his effort to stay in the current by maintaining balance at Sea Level.  Again with no prior experience, the effort will be an honest look into all cultures, causes, and spiritual beliefs.  Visiting various isolated tribes, adapting to the learning curved of Ocean rowing, and sharing personal growth, is all an effort to simply, ‘See Level’.    A great example for anyone seeking a new perspective, superpower, or better understanding of others.   Unconventional travel leaving unforgettable memories.

Men’s Journal Article
mens journal adventure Aaron Carotta

Soundcloud Interview with Paul Harris

Full 2018 Documentary, ‘Finding the Current’

Please stay tuned for full details coming next, including the team behind this.  It’s deeper than the beautiful sea, we will advocate for.  If you are a production team, streaming platform, agent, or publicity, the hatch is still open.  View our ‘contact’ page for more.

What is it like to try and row across an Ocean? Here is one point of view, featured on the Discovery Network, with my new team member, Chris Martin. Summed up by his rowing partner here, Mick Dawson, “It’s like having the best tickets to the best show in town”. While I am solo and mostly unsupported, Chris and others will be acting as mission control from the land. Your tribe is just as important as your mission. Enjoy!


*Update Jan 1st, 2K21*

Thank you for the overwhelming response!  We are no longer shipping items out.  We are out of supply, but if you received a confirmation from us and have not received it, please know it is still on its way.  Happy New Year!

*Update Jan 9th, 2k21*

When evaluating Adventure, there comes a time and place for everyone.  For me, seeking beauty is the goal.  This comes in a natural way for me, seeing from a perspective, only an adventure can find.  I believe my last  10 years of adventuring around, leads me to this one.  Here is the Raw, Zoom meeting, with Ocean Rowing Society president, Chris Martin.

The Physical

*Update Jan 27th, 2021*

My spirituality these days is better than ever, just a bit different to some.  It would consist along the lines of the last supper, only joined by Buddha, fasting on mushrooms.  Strong, Happy, Modern.  This will be the last video I release about my personal mental battles, after my last expedition.  The importance of mental vs physical, can’t be summed up in words.  I leave it all on the table, sharing the raw, and factual learning curves.  It’s just who I have become, as an adventurer.  I hope it sheds some light on the good that adventure can offer to those seeking a naturopathic remedy.     While many will never understand, I have been journaling my findings over the last 4 years, asking lots of questions that come to find out, require a badge or a degree in the field.  There is now an easier way to get answers and support, those details enclosed.  As it relates to the last 20 of my life, I believe in the idea that this world by way of adventure, can help others.  If ever feasible to see it, certain like minds, can excel rather than medicate.  I only found myself in life current after my canoe trip, by way of tribal meditation.  More so, it nearly cost me my life a few different times while I removed the big pharm dependency.  When natives sourced the root for me, I found a new tribe, listening to Tim Ferriss and the MAPS approved research, I knew I was home.  I went from PTS situations to taking on this expedition, overcoming fears of the big seas, and more.  Adventure isn’t conventional, but neither is the new FDA-approved therapy options.  It’s these minds that showed me the current and gave purpose.  Social media is really good at accountability, so please stay with me and my personal story, simply trying to own the past, before redeeming the future.  

The Mental


The Boat

     The quest for the vessel started in August of 2020 and with the help from Chris Martin, a few were sourced.  With help from the Vancouver Maritime Museum, Aaron was granted use of the R20, 2013 Rannoch Boat.  23 feet in length she was donated to the Museum from the previous owners who were unable to complete a Pacific Ocean crossing.  While some feel a perfect fit would be a new vessel, this journey is about embracing imperfections, rather than fighting for the perfect ones.  A match of two experienced elements.  Seasoned enough to offer support when needed, while running the course, each is built for.  

*Updated 2/16/2021*

Generally, when I want something in life, I use what I have, and make it work.  Cautiously understanding my short-sighted mistakes of the past, with the right team and organic elements, understand its importance, in achieving the goal.  Needless to say, I was offered a chance to use this vessel formally known as the ‘Honey Badger’, sourced from team consultant Chris Martin, to make it work, after the Vancouver Maritime Museum, offered permission.  The ‘as is’ opportunity, allows me the chance to live in the now, pushing forward with my efforts, while offsetting the need for another form of revenue, by finding a work barter option.  It is truly an old-school method that I was only able to source, from fellow river angel, Capt Otto.  While it is still important to still understand that not every person you offer this proposal to, operates on trade, I am grateful and thankful, Tri-Parish Fiberglass could make it work.  It’s a healthy way to give purpose to the daily work grind. 


*Updated Feb 24th, 2020*

Sign-up info to join me on a segment of my journey and more can be found here in the next few days.  Cleaning the house has meant letting go of old items that seem to, just fill up clutter and cause objects to be in the way.  That said, the Facebook page associated with ‘Adventure Aaron’ Carotta @aaroncarotta, has been compromised and is posting ad videos tens of times a day on the account.  We have had no luck in getting Facebook to acknowledge the breach that happened on Jan 31st and will be letting it go as well as filing IP legal claims to regain ownership.  Seems to be part of the big picture plan to simplifying my own human-powered efforts to row my own boat, accepting the loss of other elements, I can’t control.  If you are interested in the journal logs of the expedition, a 24 hour, hourly breakup of records I am keeping in the process of launching this expedition, and more, please sign up for the email newsletter.  No spam, just my way of connecting on a more conscious level with those similar minds, welcoming it.  The rowboat formally knows as the ‘Honey Badger’ has been named ‘Smiles’.  It stems from my understanding that the smile itself, is a universal understanding and tool, of happiness. Like a baby naturally does from birth, I think it will be a nice reminder of the future, in an effort to see level. 🙂

*March 10th, 2021*

If you had a chance to see the first rowing experience adventure last month on my Instagram account, It is only a proper form to follow up with a bit of redemption.  While training the last couple of months daily, I was rewarded with some familiar friends.   Here is the previously mentioned flop too 😉

*March 29th, 2021*

WOW!!!!  What a schooling I have been on over the last two months.   From Boat Body Work, to full on Electrical Wirings, to the basics of why a screw is threaded with a certain octagon head, it is all fascinating.  More on that later, but here is 1 of a mini series of videos as I train out in the Gulf.  Please enjoy and as always, thanks for sharing and saying hello!

*April 5th*

Preparing for Island stops on the around the world expedition, means polishing up some logistics with the ability to remove the rudder and beach, Smiles on a needed basis.  I was able to do just that recently and had a chance to walk around Horn Island.  You can learn more about how to visit Horn Island here,  Here is a short video on my journey while there.  Enjoy!~Aaron

*April 27th*

The time has come, now about 60 days out, to tune in to the purposed effort.  It has been remarkable to see this page timeline continue to grow over the next 4 months, I hope many will share and allow this effort to go global and come full circle.  Here is my official philanthropy effort;

‘Balancing the Current’ in life means to me, seeking the support each homo sapien species needs on an individual level. I believe this is often achieved by unconventional efforts that are represented in the following organization, to say the least. Your donations will be provided directly to the cause of your choice while allowing my ambassador efforts to row on. Specifically, I have chosen the few that I feel a personal connection to, based on my conversations over the years with all walks of life.

By choosing to donate, 50 percent of all funds will go to one of the organizations we have listed while the other 50 percent will support the mammoth task I have dedicated the next 5 years of my life to, alone. Charities will consist of 3-4 selected charities with the current goal that may expand or be replaced once goals and timelines are achieved.  

Part of my understanding of the wild stems from natives’ knowledge and habit.  This is well represented and advocated for here;

AMAZON CONSERVATION- “ The Amazon is essential for the health of our planet and for our survival as a species. As guardians of the most iconic forest on the planet, we bring together the power of science and technology, traditional knowledge of local peoples, and the support of everyday people like you to create innovative conservation solutions that balance the needs of people and nature.”



How does one remove PTSD moments of investigative media, tackle fears of the great Oceans, attempt something with no previous experience that no human has ever done before, and take on seasickness?  Well, that’s a bigger story better validated in time with a Tim Ferriss interview.  For now, with the above conservation in mind, organizations like this are leading the studies in cures for PTSD and more.  I accidentally found myself in a deep dive over the last few years, seeking a better understanding for cures I believe only roots can reset.  This organization is making strides and I am more than excited to connect many with their work seen here;

MAPS CANADA-  “Working with partners in government, business, and community, MAPS Canada positions itself as the leading resource in the field of psychedelic medicine through multi-disciplinary research, public education, and the training of psychedelic therapists.”




To get others inspired and involved, here are a few specifics that 50 percent will go to from all donations in support of ‘SEE LEVEL’ working under the tax id #86-3101809 represented under ‘Adventure Aaron Media’

1- Boat Needs- My new friend, ‘Smiles’ got her name after I heard a Dale Carnegie audible. Explaining that at birth, the smile represented happiness on a global level from babies to now adults. It is also a light-hearted approach to taking on something that would otherwise make many cries. Like the simplistic human-powered minimalistic effort of rowing a boat, there will be encounters with many different cultures that may not speak the same form of communication I do, and with the help of a smile, perhaps even the said pirates, will SEE the light, one had when coming into the world, to begin with. I am also am of the current age that has been weathered a bit and generally makes the best of what options one gets, living in the now, learning to make it all work. The boat was formally known as the honey badger and for reasons unclear to me was abandoned and donated to the wonderful Vancouver Maritime Museum, where it sat a bit unused for life. With the help of boots on the ground team member, Chris Martin from New Ocean Wave, the Museum was able to grant me ‘As Is’ access and use with a flexible finance option. These current repairs and finance cost seem to be around 30,000 USD which includes but not limited to;

A- Desalinator. The vessel was acquired with a bit of water inside from the hatched being left open. Repair is used to replace the electrical and service it to provide me drinking water this will remove the salt from the water while at sea for Ocean crossing that can be up to 300 days at a time.

B- Steel Oar Riggers. Previously aluminum broke during training. They hold the massive 10 ft oars in place and are one of the only ways to move safely in the water. A local fabricator has made two of them for me at 75 dollars each, a total of 6 is recommended. They will be in place with four on the vessel at all times to accommodate multiple rowing positions.

C- Updated Solar Panels. Originally installed in 2013 with the vessel, the efficiency is limited to about 15 percent with the dated film on them. There are a total of 7 on the vessel, the key to keeping charge than an entire electrical navigational system while at Sea that often powers VHF/ AIS / WATER MAKERS/ and music 🙂

D- Hull Paint and Fiberglass touch-ups. The vessel came with a 2 x 2 hole in the vessel that we believed was caused by transporting the boat when the rudder went up into the trailer.

E- BATTERIES.  Smiles currently has two 80 AGM batteries in place.   These are minimum sufficient for the current electrical set up, however, after recent training, they appear to not be good enough to hold the charge requiring the originally in place 160’s.  We are hoping to replace them with two new Mastervolt or similar, to properly hold the electrical charge I believe will be needed to not only maximize the current but future needs.  This includes the live-stream platform we look to offer to future network streaming platforms and educational zoom classes for the school rooms.  They run 750 each.

2- Human Needs. Food is dehydrated and while I am sourcing sponsors for this, I am also creating hydroponic efforts with the support of leading environmental scientists to sustain plant-based food on the vessel. I hope it can be highlighted and used by not just myself but others on an educational form shown in schools and other vessels, teaching alternate sustainable ways healthy to the positive footprint.

3- Philanthropic Expansion. Live streaming technology, growing boots on the ground team members, raising the goal for funds to promote more efforts in the unconventional charities, and providing an offering to the local tribes and communities visited along the journey. This means the excess of funds of 50 percent will go to donations from the expedition and the adventure itself both current and future. I am currently partnered with Chris Martin of New Ocean Wave to work with me on a consultant basis to achieve access and support, both via route and database of other like-minded in the sport to grow this adventure. It is the lifeline to learning and preparing for this, his time is limited and worth more than the fee.  Other programs include educational streams to institutions dedicate to understanding anything to do with all of the above, like Vancouver Maritime Museum who offers exceptional ways for students and others to learn seen here,

4- Smile’s fund.  Still reading?!  Awesome, last but not least is my favorite part, leftover funds from the expedition pool will be offered on random occasions along the trip to various people, tribes, islands, communities, and more.  It will be a surprise captured by the team, that I hope brings smiles to many faces.  

Please stay tuned to this page for live updates to the developing efforts and charity missions WITH ADDED AWARDS FOR SMALLER AMOUNTS.  If you are one of the few organizations we are reviewing, thank you for visiting and we hope you take interest as deep in this project as the waters I will cross. It’s organizations like you that inspire the world to go around and I look forward to coming full circle with you all.

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