-Note From The Creator, ‘Adventure Aaron’ Carotta

In 2008, I took a much needed different path. I read my first book, The 4-hour work week. I travelled to my first country, Costa Rica. I recorded my first video, still seen here, featured by supporter, Tim Ferriss.  

I enjoyed that first 60 days above that I kept going thru 80 countries full time in 6 years.  It allowed me to film a few tv programs that have now aired around the world, doing bucket list adventures I would then be able to pay forward, to youth facing their own life threatening awakening. 

What I have achieved isn’t found on a resume because it is what I learned now, nearly a decade later.  Perspective.  So instead of listing those achievements, I rather share a few things that have greater impact on others.

The creative outlet many seek doesn’t have to always be medicated when incorporating adventure, travel, social accountability, and mother natures validation to say the least.  Supporting any efforts people take the time to do, share, or promote, is my goal.  Traveling thru over 80 countries, one meets others in dark and others in light.  Regardless, I have always listened to all sides, truly trying to understand our own homo sapien species ways.  This site and my efforts have never been focused on financial gains.  In fact, it would have probably have hampered my ability to see all things.  But, I now come full circle to where it all started right here, because of just that.  My hopes are that more monetary avenues become available not just for myself but for other adventures, be it any creator, advocate, and more.  I hope more support and validation can be offered to the children from the elders, with that in mind.  After all, I am still a minimalist, appreciating the adventure of seeking the beauty this world offers, because I understand where it came from.  -Aaron


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