Travel Hack Your Way To Chairman Club Status.

Travel Hack of the Century

If I told you that you could own the airways with the ultimate status on US Airways and it would only cost you $3,500 would you do it? What if you could do it in 3 weeks?

Its called a “Mileage Run”. If you saw the last post I did “Airlines Miles Gigolo” and didnt do it, here is another chance.

THIS IS CLEARLY MY HACK OF THE CENTURY. By far the best hack I have seen to date for the amount of money spent.

This is the link for the current promotion released early this morning.
US Airways

Here is the cliff note version. Fly routes on the above checklist and you will move up in status for every 4 items you check off. Here is how I am going to become the highest of the members and also Star Alliance GOLD.

My Account has about 5,000 miles in it now. I need about 20,000 for the first of 4 levels on the preferred list.

My routes with example dates
1-Omaha to Boston 7/15
2-Boston to NYC 7/15
3-NYC to Boston 7/16
4-Boston to Platsburg, NY 7/16
5-Platsburg, NY to Philly 7/16
6-Philly to Alaska 7/17
Total miles 6,345 and total cost $1253
7-Alaska to Phx 7/22
8-Phx to Jamaca 7/23
9-Jamaca to Charlotte 7/28
10-Charlotte to Melborne 7/29
11-Melborne to Charlotte 8/1
12-Charlotte to Baton Rouge 8/2
13-Baton Rouge to Charlotte 8/3
Total Miles 8,995 total cost 1,294.20
14-Charlotte to Los Cabos 8/4
15-Los Cabos to LAX 8/8
16-LAX to Hawaii 8/9
Total Miles 6,874 total cost 1,000
Grand Total in Miles 22,214 and cost is 3547.20

Remember I had 5,000 to start. With the addition of the above miles I earn the first level and with the 16 legs, I become eligible for 3 levels. Putting me at the cream of the crop.

So is it worth it? Lets see, I now get all of the following; (straight from the US Airways Website)
Chairman’s Preferred Life is better when you’re Preferred. Here’s a peek at all the perks you‘ll enjoy…

Travel in First Class. If an upgrade becomes available, we’ll automatically upgrade you and a companion to First Class (when traveling in the same reservation). Complimentary upgrades may be awarded up to 7 days in advance.

Upgrade to an Envoy Sleeper Seat anytime before takeoff. If you’re booked in Envoy, you can purchase an upgrade to an Envoy Sleeper seat anytime before departure by calling the Preferred Desk.

Complimentary upgrades are subject to capacity controls, Full-fare (Y or B class) economy tickets may be upgraded anytime after ticketing. Other paid tickets can be upgraded up to seven days in advance. Chairman’s Preferred members receive 2 annual electronic one way First Class/Envoy upgrades to be used to or from Hawaii, Europe, South America and the Middle East. Companions must be booked on the same itinerary and will be processed at the same time as the Preferred member.

Learn more about upgrades
Learn about mileage upgrades
Complimentary upgrades to/from Hawaii/Europe/South America/Middle East
Here’s how to use your annual electronic upgrades:

•Purchase your ticket through US Airways or a travel agent. Before you finalize your purchase, make sure that your fare class is eligible for an upgrade.
•Provide your Dividend Miles account number to a Personal Liaison at the Chairman’s Preferred desk to process the electronic upgrade for you and your companion. As always, upgrade eligibility is based on the fare you purchased and is subject to capacity control.
To/from Hawaii
Eligible fares paid Advance request schedule
Y and B Immediately after purchase – complimentary
All other economy fares 7 days prior to departure from each one way trip – upgrade credit required

To/from Europe, South America and the Middle East
Eligible fares paid Advance request schedule
All economy fares Anytime in advance (prior to departure from each one way trip) – upgrade credit required.
*An additional premium tax may apply upon exiting some transatlantic destinations. Terms and conditions apply.

Priority baggage handling and extra baggage allowance
Get your bags faster and take more with you.

•You and everyone in your reservation are exempt from the first, second and third bag fees
•Your bags will be loaded last which means they’ll be among the first on the conveyer belt at your destination
•Allowances vary by airline, so please contact the airline you’ll be traveling on for details.
Bonus miles
Earn award travel even faster with an automatic 100% mileage bonus for all paid, qualifying flights on US Airways, US Airways Express carriers, US Airways Shuttle and United, Continental Airlines and Lufthansa.

•Preferred flight bonus miles do not count towards Preferred status.
500 mile segment minimums
Chairman’s Preferred members earn a minimum of 500 miles on all US Airways operated flights.

Reserve Preferred seats
You’re able to reserve the best seats, including those in the front of the aircraft and exit row.

Reservations assistance
Get stellar customer service 24 hours a day. Just call the toll-free number on the back of your Preferred card to get in touch with our exclusive Chairman’s Preferred Desk, where Personal Liaisons will assist you with reservations, award travel, upgrades and more. It’s like having your very own personal travel assistant.

Traveling abroad? Our private email address and toll-free number (also on your card) will get you in touch with our Preferred Desk from Europe as well as select destinations in the Caribbean and South America.

Remember to let us know if you experience spectacular service from one of our employees by filling out one of the Above and Beyond Employee Recognition cards that came in your Preferred kit.

Nominate a friend to Silver Preferred status
As a Chairman’s member you can nominate an individual of your choice to Silver Preferred status. Email your nomination request to and use CNOM in the subject line. US Airways reserves the right to reject a nomination for any reason.

In addition, for every 25,000 Preferred qualifying miles you earn above 100,000 or for every 30 segments you fly over 120, you’ll be able to nominate another friend to Silver Preferred status.

Star Alliance benefits
Enjoy special privileges when you travel on any participating Star Alliance airline. Just present your Chairman’s Preferred membership card and same-day international ticket to access to the US Airways Club and to more than 600 Star Alliance lounges.

•Eligible international destinations for lounge access include Asia, Africa, Canada, Europe, Middle East, South America and the following cities: Mexico City, Guadalajara, San Jose (Costa Rica)
Find out more about Star Gold benefits
Guaranteed seating
Get a spot on the fullest flights. We guarantee you a coach class seat on US Airways flights when you purchase an unrestricted fare (Y class), even if the flight is full. Just call the Chairman’s Preferred Desk at least 24 hours prior to departure to secure your seat.

Priority check-in and boarding
Skip the line and check in at designated Preferred ticket counters. In airports where none are available, check in at one of our First Class counters (within the U.S. or to Bermuda, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean) or at our Envoy Class counters for travel to/from Europe, South America and the Middle East. And if you’re traveling on one of our Star Alliance partners, go ahead and use the Star Alliance Gold check-in counter.

Get to your seat faster, too. Chairman’s Preferred members board US Airways operated flights with Zone 1.

•Priority boarding is not provided at all airports, by all airlines.
Priority security lanes
Sail through security at the airport and get to your gate even faster. Just show your Chairman’s Preferred card, a valid form of I.D. and your boarding pass at our Priority Security Lanes at participating airports. You can even bring your travel companions along with you.

Priority standby
Get that open seat before someone else. When you’re traveling on US Airways and Star Alliance™ member airlines, you‘re the priority. If there aren’t any seats left on a flight you wish to take, you’ll have priority over Silver, Gold and Platinum Preferred members, as well as other customers, should one become available.

Standby and redeposit fee waived
Move up to an earlier flight for free. We waive the standby fee for our Chairman’s Preferred customers who want to move up to an earlier flight on the same day of travel.

We waive the mileage redeposit fee of $150 for totally unused award tickets for our Chairman’s Preferred members.

US Airways Club benefits
Come in, be productive or just relax at the US Airways Club. As a Preferred member, you’ll enjoy a member discount on an annual membership.

Members who fly 150,000 Preferred qualifying miles or 150 segments in a calendar year will receive a free Club membership for the following Preferred program year.____________________________________________________

To take it one level higher, heres how you really hack this.
Not only do you get the free upgrades but anyone traveling on your reservation (1 extra) will get the free upgrade as well as the below. Plus you get 2 one way international tickets, free, and earn enough miles for a domestic roundtrip! If thats not enough, the rich get richer, all of your future flights will earn double the miles!!!!! Want more? Here your go…

Part of becoming Chairman is you get to nominate one person to Preferred Status! If your tight on cash, grab a friend who can earn extra miles using his credit card, offer him the preferred nomination and perhaps a small fee :)

Afterall, you will both be going First Class from here on out! Enjoy my friends, news on the show to come in the next 8 days. Big news…

13 thoughts on “Travel Hack Your Way To Chairman Club Status.

  1. Mike Simon on said:


  2. Tom Pertsom on said:

    Sweet Post Aaron!

  3. Ashley Thomas on said:


    This is great. How do you think of this??? It reminds me of the movie with George Clooney, “Up in the Air” when he meets the captain and reaches the highest level. I am gonig to try this. I missed the last one and I have been reading up on how everyone got the miles. Thanks for the great info and the extra edge!!!! Your Awesome!

  4. Thanks Eddie, I appreciate that…

  5. Patrick on said:

    I think to buy your way up to Chairman’s is only $3k, assuming you have at least one mile already. So, you could save yourself a lot of money ($500 for flights, plus lodging in the cities where overnight stays are required) and still get the same benefits by just paying the $3k.

  6. wow! great tips, cheers mate =)

  7. I genuinely liked this innovative angle that you have on the topic. I wasnt planning on this at the time I begun searching for tips. Your ideas were totally simple to get. Happy to find out that there’s an person online that gets it precise what its is talking about.

  8. Incredible idea. My relatives had pretty much the same when they were looking for Wicked Tickets. I mentioned to them to Buy Wicked Tickets from BuyWickedTickets . net

  9. Nice! Thanks Dustin

  10. Anonymous on said:

    Seriously, you posted the benefits for a CHAIRMAN level of US Airways. That is ONLY achieved by flying 100K (not 25K) miles. Your $3500 airfare list above is great, but it only gets you to SILVER, not GOLD, or PLATINUM, or CHAIRMAN status. Repeat your list 3 more times and you have CHAIRMAN miles, but your cost is now $15k. So it is by far cheaper to buy $3k of miles and not spend the time.

    I have been a Chairman before and it’s a lot of traveling. The perks are great but I would rather pay $3k for the perks than spend 100 hours in the air to get there.

  11. Hi Joe-
    Thanks for the comment. The promo offered allowed a 3 tier move up. That enabled the Chairman status to which was achieved….

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